Generating Java Classes from IFC4 XSD Schema

To generate Java classes representing IFC Objects using IFC4 schema, I tried many ways and I got through this by using XJC XML Binding. But since JAXB is getting confused compiling the complex schema we have to specify confusing bindings in a separate file and provide it as a supporting file to solve the confusions.

if you run the following command it will get confused about the Path property.
(The -d is where the generated classes should be placed and -p is the package name of the classes being generated.)

$ xjc -d src/ -p com.test ifcXML4.xsd
parsing a schema…
[ERROR] Property “Path” is already defined. Use to resolve this conflict.
line 8381 of file:/media/isuru/Projects/stuff/ifcXML4.xsd
[ERROR] The following location is relevant to the above error
line 12910 of file:/media/isuru/Projects/stuff/ifcXML4.xsd
Failed to parse a schema.

To solve this add the following bindings.xjb file to the same folder where the schema is. Continue reading